Where’s My Water gets A Whole New Chapter and Much More

Yes you Swampy fans , settle down and update your devices. The ninth chapter of “Where’s My Water” has arrived. The ninth chapter named “Rising Tide” features a whole set of 20 new levels , many new collectibles and a whole new Way to Play !!

Now one can control the water flow with the network of pipes and use the valves to divert water to Swampy’s bath tub while working your way around with fans, switches and triggers and its all about the perfect timing. There are more new stuffs like Exhausts and suction pipes and even some good and evil stuff.

Also, if you have Cranky’s story downloaded, you can enjoy 20 more new levels with the new Chapter in Cranky’s Story named “Bulking Up” and all this for free along with some more collectibles. So this update got more merrier by not just one but two updates and is sure to set all the fans excited .

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