Sparrow Mail For iPhone Updated, Includes Built-In Browser and Many More Features

Sparrow Mail for iPhone is perfect alternate for native mail client. Within 24 hours after launch, Sparrow Mail for iPhone huge downloads. Sparrow Mail For iPhone user interface almost looks like Facebook For iPhone. This mail client also has swipe features. Today Sparrow Mail for iPhone updated to version 1.1 and lots of cool features were added.

Sparrow Mail for iPhone

Sparrow Mail For iPhone, What’s New in Version 1.1

New features:
– Built-in web browser
– Send & archive
– Empty trash
– Empty spam
– Dock badge preferences by account
– Show/hide labels and folders
– Choice to include attachments when forwarding messages

Bug fix:
– Compatibility with mail servers
– Improved mail servers detection (gApps login error, self-signed certificates)
– Composer wrapping behavior
– Custom SMTP for alias
– Issue with SMTP without password
– Message view behavior with email that do not scroll
– Swipe gesture to add custom account
– Refresh starred / unread using pull to refresh
– Fixed account list scrolling with more than 10 accounts
– Video attachments are shown fullscreen

Download Sparrow Mail For iPhone From iTunes for $2.99

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