Facebook for iOS finally updated to 4.1.1 With Support for Retina Display

Facebook Inc. finally pushed out the update today for it’s “Facebook for iOS” app after a long period. The new update follows the trend of supporting the Retina Display for The New iPad along with other much needed bug fixes which was evident, as there were much complains barging in the Facebook App reviews.


Here is a list of all the new changes:

  • The new version brings a much anticipated feature to the desk– the option to “Go Offline” in Chat.
  • Also, from the past few days I have been witnessing wrong profile pictures being displayed under some names, glad they fixed that issue.
  • The false notification alarm and false friend-request notification is also among the list of bug fixes.
  • Now, the photos of people who like the Facebook pages will load correctly along with correct display of one’s own name in his set of pics.
  • Now, the list of friends will have no friends missing, everyone will be included.
  • The new version also brings support to change your language to Czech, Danish, Greek, Indonesian, Malaysian, Norwegian, Portuguese or Thai.


2 thoughts on “Facebook for iOS finally updated to 4.1.1 With Support for Retina Display

  1. your comment is naiatiwg moderation. Applications like PhoneGap allow you to package an HTML5 webapp so that it can still be distributed through the AppStore. Keeping this in mind, there’s (depending on what you do) little reason to develop magazine apps natively.

  2. I have been waiting for the facebook update for a long time..Great work

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