8 Best Cydia Tweaks For Your Awesome iOS Device

The moment when you first jailbreak your iPad, your iPhone or your iPod Touch is an exciting moment. You can find tons of tweaks for your iOS devices to your liking. We have you covered in this list the top 8 Cydia tweaks for your Jailbroken iDevice.

1. SBSettings

SBSettings gives you the ability to access all of your favorite toggles via a simple Activator gesture (swipe across status bar, pull down from status bar, etc.). SBSettings comes with many default toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, 3G, Brightness, and many more. There are tons of other toggles that you can find in Cydia.

2. Activator

Activator is the reason tweaks like SBSettings can be used. It gives you the ability to set a custom gesture to launch the app/tweak of your preference or toggle your brightness, change songs, lockscreen, etc. You will find that Activator makes getting things done much easier on your iDevice.

3. Infinite Tweaks

No doubt Infinite Tweaks (InfiniDock, InfiniFolders and InfiniBoard) are one of the best cydia app.  These tweaks unleash your SpringBoard and pushes the SpringBoard to its limits. They remove the Apple boundaries of how many apps you can have in your dock, in a folder, or on your SpringBoard

4. biteSMS (iPhone tweak)

If you are a frequent SMS user, then biteSMS is for you. Two of the biggest features of this tweak are Quick Compose and Quick Reply. Quick Compose gives you the ability to compose a text from anywhere on your 4S, and Quick Reply will give you the ability to reply from a text from anywhere on your 4S. You will also be able to set a Passcode Lock, Scheduled SMS, add Signatures to your texts, and much more.

5. iFile

iFile is the file-explorer tweak for your iDevice. iFile gives you access to viewing the file-system, changing permissions, and viewing or editing a variety of files. It includes support for most music file formats and video files.

6. afc2dd

This is a tweak that lets you use your device as a usb i.e. you can access your idevice’s file system through your pc/mac without the need of iTunes. You can use third party applications like iPhoneBrowser to access your iDevice.

7. My3G/3G Unrestrictor

This will fake your device into thinking that it is using wifi signal instead of your 3G/Data Plan.  This tweak includes photo stream support, iCloud backup support, YouTube (high, medium and low quality preferences) and many more. Thus all the Cydia users could make online video calls could have fun and entertainment every where and every time.

8. Mulitcleaner

This is one of my favorite tweaks. If you are tired of removing closed apps manually from the multitask bar, than this tweak is for you. This application unleash the gestures like swipe, pinch, or whatever you prefer to kill all applications. You can quit apps with just an Activator shortcut and customize the multitask bar however you like. You can even reorder apps in the bar.
All apps/tweaks that don’t have links, you can download through Cydia. If you have any you would like to add to the list, please submit a comment and we’ll get it added

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