Oh Yeah!! Finally Downgrading Is Now Possible On A5 Devices [JailBreak]

Moments ago , the famous iOS Hacker behind the jailbreaking software Snowbreeze,  iH8sn0w , tweeted in his twitter account that he found a loophole in the Apple’s Apticket system which allows one to downgrade his A5 device from iOS 5.1 to 5.0.1 which was not possible earlier.


He mentioned that he just downgraded his iPad 2 from iOS 5.1 to 5.0.1 and that this should work for all A5 devices . But this can only be done if one has his 5.0.1 SHSH blobs saved , otherwise there is no way to downgrade the device. He also tweeted that , this only downgrades the iOS and not the baseband which is also upgraded during the update process , so those users who may have accidentally upgraded to 5.1 , can now downgrade to 5.0.1 but they will still have baseband issues and thus unlocking problems. There is no announcement yet as to when will the release for this be out and in what form.

2 thoughts on “Oh Yeah!! Finally Downgrading Is Now Possible On A5 Devices [JailBreak]

  1. Wondering if anyone has used jeiabralk on the iPad and what their experience has been. I wouldn’t want to try it out without reading feedback from others who have tried it out. But great to know it’s available for the iPad, providing it doesn’t crash the system.

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