This Is What Happens, If Magical Device Falls In Magicians Hands ! [Awesomeness]

The New iPad was launched by apple with incredible Retina Display and A5x Processor. The new iPad is much faster than the previous iPad. The new iPad also packed with LTE (The new iPad is Apple’s first LTE device) and 42 watt battery. If you owned the new iPad you know how magical it is. If not you will sat this when you first see it.. Oh Man!! The Display is Pure Awesomeness…!! .¬†Steve Jobs always say his products as Magical. (Video After the break)

Here is the video form Stockholm where Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales performs some magic with this magical device.

Its Pure Awesomeness.. Do share your views about this magical performance..

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One thought on “This Is What Happens, If Magical Device Falls In Magicians Hands ! [Awesomeness]

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