You Can Enjoy Over 25 Hours As LTE Personal Hotspot With New iPad

New iPad was launched by apple in early march. The New iPad got more than 3 Million sales just in 3days. Now lots of news rising about the new iPad and its issues like heatgate. New iPad is packed with retina display, A5X processor, 42 watt battery (Larger capacity when compred to iPad 2 battery capacity which is 25 watt) and finally LTE. The new iPad is Apple’s first LTE device. Apple assured that iPad can last for 9 hours browsing over LTE network.

New iPad

Your new iPad can also be used as personal hotspot. The personal hotspot will last over 25 hours if you tether under specific condition. All you have to do is just turn of the display which is one of the major reason for the battery drain.


Do share your views on the new iPad and its battery life. 

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