Apple Rejecting UDID accessing Apps

Apple already stated a word in August last year to the app developers to restrict access to UDID and now has taken steps in implementation by rejecting the apps which access UDID [ a device’s unique identifier] because of the Company’s new policies and safeguards.

The UDIDs are used by app developers to track the behavior of the users and thus push updates to the apps for their improvements but the thing is that it violates the privacy of the user in a way and the user can’t stop it from being sent to third parties. In a report from TechCrunch, it is stated that two of Apple review teams have started “blanket rejection of apps that use UDIDs  this week” and next week this team number will double . This poses a serious headache for all the developers who use UDIDs to find for an alternative , otherwise they will sure face a chance of their apps being rejected from the Apple Store.

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