Card Switcher – WebOS inspired Mulitasking View for iOS

Remember WebOS ? The OS which just got killed by Hp. Well the developer iKy1e aka Kyle Howells have brought the best part of WebOS to iOS. Yes! The card multitasking from WebOS is here to enrich the Multitasking view of iOS.

The app is available in Cydia its called Card Swticher which costs $1.99. So what it does ? Well here is the little preview of it.
card switcher

This is how it exactly looks like when its activated. What it does basically create a live preview of the apps running in the background. This gives nice view over the apps running. It provides two types of Multitasking.

1. WebOS like Multitasking view :

card switcher

2. Card Multitasking View :

card switcher

The best part of the tweak happens when the WebOS multitasking is activated. You can either press close button to quit apps or just swipe the card up or down to kill the app. Pretty cool and buttery smooth.

Settings in Card Switcher :

card switcher

In settings you can toggle through various option such as enabling App icons/tiles and Page dots. You can change the background of the multitasking view to boring black or to your colorful wallpaper. You can also change the type of Multitasking view you needed too.

card switcher

Activating Card Switcher :

Card Switcher supports numerous activation methods. It depends on the Activator script which comes default with this app.

card switcher

To download Card Switcher all you need to do is open Cydia. Refresh the changes list in Cydia and search for Card Switcher.

Here is a little video demo of the tweak.

2 thoughts on “Card Switcher – WebOS inspired Mulitasking View for iOS

  1. I’ve already drepaugd my iPad and iPhone, so I can’t do the jailbreak via the easy site any more. Not sure I want to spend $5 on this app, considering I think the novelty factor would wear off quickly.On the iPad, I’m guessing it has to work with a third-party background task solution, and at that point it has to deal with the old issue of apps competing for CPU resources that Apple bypassed with its current fast app switching/serializing model. When I did have the iPad jailbroken, it had some averse effects on my Words With Friends games e.g., that went away after I drepaugd.

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