Hat Tip : FaceTime Over 3G on iPhone 4S and iPad 2

FaceTime is such a pleasure to use for us, to connect with near and dear ones over WiFi. What if you are out of WiFi ? Pretty bad right. So here we bring you the  Cydia app called 3G Unrestrictor, which helps us to make FaceTime calls over 3G! FaceTime WiFi is now FaceTime 3G.

Not just FaceTime there are many other ways where this tweak comes handy for us.

Facetime 3G

How to use 3G Unrestrictor App to use FaceTime 3G calls ?

Using 3G unrestrictor you can

  • FaceTime Everywhere – Make and receive FaceTime 3G calls on the go while away from a WiFi network.
  • iCloud On The Go – Use Photo Stream and iCloud backups where ever you are.
  • Watch YouTube In High Quality
  • Play online games, download big apps more than 20Mb, podcasts or audio books while on 3G.

Purchase 3G Unrestrictor app for $3.99. Once you download the app, open the app to add the apps you wish to use 3G connection when you are out of WiFi coverage.

As you can see I have added the apps like FaceTime, iTunes, YouTube etc…. Once you added them thats it you can forget about the WiFi restriction. Now I can easily use FaceTime 3G.

P.S : To get more details about the app or to contact the developer please visit http://www.3gunrestrictor.com/ . 


One thought on “Hat Tip : FaceTime Over 3G on iPhone 4S and iPad 2

  1. When I turn the screen off on my iohnpe and lock it, (not turn it off completely) it makes this weird high-pitched chirping noise, it’s loud and it starts chirping really high and quickly and slowly starts to chirp deeper and slower. Then it will suddenly stop. It only lasts a few seconds and doesn’t happen whn he iPhone is on vibrate, (duh)Why is it doing this and how can I get it to stop?Why is

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