Blogsy 4.1 (Cerberus) Is Out, Now You Can Add Photos Offline

Blogsy app is the ultimate blogging tool for iPad. With blogsy we can create contents and blog posts on the move, we don’t need to rely on those big PC or laptops anymore. Blogsy supports various platforms like wordpress, drupal, tumblr and many more. I already reviewed about blogsy for iPad (Review Link). I found a major drawback in  the previous version, we cannot add photos in offline mode to our blog posts.Blogsy creators found the solution for is and now we can add photos to our blog posts from camera roll in offline mode. I really love it.

With Blogsy 4.1, we can now create blog post completely offline and publish it later.

 Blogsy 4.1

In the new update, Facebook is integrated and we can now add photos to our Facebook account. Again, the ultimate feature is, we can now add photos from Facebook to our blog posts.

Blogsy 4.1 Changelog


1) Offline/Direct adding of photos from the iPad photo library – Yep, we finally figured out how to make it possible to add photos from the iPad Photo library to a post without having to upload the images first. This also means that you will be able to add photos to a post when you are offline. We will have a how-to video up later today showing how this new feature works.

2) Facebook integration – That’s right, now you can drag in photos from your Facebook account to your blog posts. This means you can easily blog about photos on your Facebook account and also photos you have been tagged in. Also, Blogsy now give you the ability to upload photos to your Facebook account with. This way you wont have to have the same photo on Facebook and also in your blog media library. Photos that you upload with Blogsy to your Facebook account will not be added to your timeline. If you want them to be added to your timeline then you can go to your Facebook account in a desktop browser and add them to your timeline.

If you are a current Blogsy user and want to add Facebook go to the Settings menu -> Service Settings -> Manage Dock Items -> Add A New Item -> Then tap on Facebook. This will add it to the dock in Blogsy and you can set up your Facebook account.

3) Featured Image – Yes, Blogsy already had Featured Image support. But that required you to make some changes to the PHP files on your server. Now, if you are running WordPress 3.4 or later then Blogsy will detect that and you won’t have to make those PHP file changes. This also means that users will now be able to set the Featured Image with Blogsy.

[Bugs Fixed]

1) If users tried to post with custom fields that included location data the user manually put in, Blogsy would crash.

2) Metaweblog conflict – If a user had a TypePad, Joomla or SquareSpace blog set up then would try to set up a metaweblog blog Blogsy would crash.

3) In certain circumstances Blogsy would crash when uploading images to a Drupal media library.

4) Metaweblog blogs – incorrect date type problem when trying to post or update.

5) Joomla blogs – some servers required a specific URL to the xmlrpc file.

5) XMLRPC blogs – Blogsy won’t clear a post if an error occurs while posting or updating a post.

6) NAVER blogs – Blogsy would always publish the post as private.

7) Browser button – Infrequently, Blogsy would crash when tappong the browser button in the dock.

Blogsy For iPad is Just $4.99, Which is definitely value for your money.

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