iShutdown – Remote Utility To Turn Off (Shutdown) Your PC or Mac Using iPhone or iPad

Are you lazy to move from your crouch or bed to turn off your PC or Mac? There is a simple app for iPhone and iPad, which helps to shutdown / restart / hibernate / wake up your PC or Mac Over WiFi.

Simply install iShutdown app on your iPhone and iPad. Install the little utility software from iShutdown Website on your PC or Mac and run it. iShutdown scans the devices connected on your WiFi network and lists them for easy access. If your device is not shown, no worries, you can manually add your PC or Mac. Once done, just select the host/ device from the list and select the command like shutdown / restart / hibernate / wake up on LAN.

iShutdown - Turn off Restart Mac PC iPhone iPad

iShutdown Features

• Turn on (via Wake on lan, WOL), shutdown, restart, hibernate or sleep your PC or MAC.
• Works fine both with MAC and PC
• Automatic detection of accessible PCs in local network
• Ability to add required PC or MAC manually.
• Works both with Wi-Fi and 3g
• Indication of active hosts

Note :  To turn your pc on remotely, the mainboard & lan card of PC must support Wake On Lan (WOL) feature and be activated.

iShutdown For iPhone (iTunes Link) $1.99

iShutdown HD for iPad (iTunes Link) $1.99

2 thoughts on “iShutdown – Remote Utility To Turn Off (Shutdown) Your PC or Mac Using iPhone or iPad

  1. That’s like a real useful app…Something er require when we have to travel unexpectedly and we can’t go back home to turn it off…

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