Have you tried these tricks with your iPhone Headphones ?

There are lots of work behind the Apple Earpods. Earpods are designed and manufactured in a way that it will fit most ears with comfort. I personally like Earpods because of its comfort and sound quality. Many of us use apple Earpods. There are lots of other things you can do with your Earpods apart from listening to your music.



Incoming call – Tap the center button once to answer the call.

On Call – Tap the center button once to disconnect the call.

Tap the center button and hold to reject an incoming call.


Press and hold the center button for few seconds to activate Siri using your Earpods.


You don’t need to open the music app to use these functions. 

Tap the center button once for play / Pause.

Tap the center button twice for next song, Tap twice and hold to fast forward.

Tap the center button thrice for previous song. Tap thrice and hold to rewind the song.

Use volume buttons to control volume.


Apple made a change to iOS that now we can snap photos using volume up key. This function works well with Earpods if connected.  This helps you to take better shots with your Earpods as remote control for your camera app.

These functions works with other headphones too. I personally tested these functions with A-Jays fours. It worked like a charm. All you need is better inline remote control with 3 button functions.

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