[Pic] Jailbreak Is Cool, But Please Pay For Apps

Jailbreak is cool. If you jailbreak you can explore a lot, you can do lots of tweaks to show your iOS device even more awesome. But if you are pirating apps. Please stop it. iPhone and iPad has lots amazing apps. Developers use their creativity and their precious time to develop an App. Paying Small price for an amazing app is not a big expense. Support developers. Encourage them. Stop Software piracy !! 

Jailbreaking Your iOS device may be okay, But not paying for apps is not cool. Please stop supporting software piracy!

iOS Jailbreak Software Piracy

2 thoughts on “[Pic] Jailbreak Is Cool, But Please Pay For Apps

  1. Yea, I truly agree. But except for apps that have in-app purchases that demand me to pay each and every day to unlock each and every weapon. For finishing the game, I have to spend nearly $50 or more! So with iAP Cracker (Jailbroken tweak), I bypass inapp purchases and get the upgrades for free. What do you say abt that?

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