Diet Coda For iPad Is Out, Grab Today At 50% Discounted Price

Coda is the powerful code editing tool for Mac. Panic, creators of coda announced that Coda 2 for Mac and Diet Coda for iPad will be available from 24th May. Diet Coda for iPad is a crunch down Coda for iPad. Diet coda for iPad helps us to make quick edits to our websites on the go. 

Diet Coda For iPad

Diet Coda For iPad Features

✔ Remote Editing
Edit documents right on your server or staging server.

✔ Powerful FTP and SFTP File Management
Open, rename, modify, change permissions, the works.

✔ Sites
Quickly get to work on your servers.

✔ Syntax Highlighting
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, more to come.

✔ Revolutionary Super-Loupe
Positioning the cursor in iOS isn’t fun. We’ve changed that forever.

✔ Contextual Keyboard
The right special characters at the right time.

✔ Clips
Insert chunks of code with a single tap.

✔ Find and Replace
Including our ground-breaking “Wildcard” token

✔ Built-In Terminal
The power of Prompt built-in. A $7.99 value.

✔ Much More
Packed with thoughtful touches.


★ AirPreview
Use your iPad as a dedicated preview window for Coda 2 on the Mac

Diet Coda For iPad (iTunes link)

Diet Coda - Panic, Inc.

  • Version : 1.0.2
  • Size : 17.7 MB
  • Price: $19.99

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