Jetpack Joyride Updated, Lots Of Cool Gadgets Included

Jetpack Joyride is a cool Arcade game where Barry take the Machine Gun powered Jetpack for a ride in secret laboratory. 2 days back Halfbrick announced that they will be updating Jetpack Joyride with exciting new gadgets on Apr 26 2012. Check out our blog post about the new gadgets in Jetpack Joyride.

Today Halfbrick released the promised Jetpack Joyride update

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride Version 1.3

Hold on to your jetpacks, kids. This update is huge!!!

After 6 months and over 17 million sales worldwide, Jetpack Joyride continues to receive frequent, high quality free updates!

Today Halfbrick is pleased to announce the biggest and most anticipated update to Jetpack Joyride ever!

This update is a game-changer! The Scientists have been hard at work inventing 15 crazy new Gadgets for you to customize your joyriding experience like never before!! Plus, there are FOUR NEW ACHIEVEMENTS to unlock along with NEW STATS and NEW GADGET related MISSIONS!!!

AIR BARRYS – Keep running into zappers? Then slip these designer sneakers on and they will help you leap gracefully over obstacles like never before!

NERD REPELLANT – Guaranteed to keep scientists at home sick for the day!

INSTA-BALL – Bounce off the floor instead of going splat. Apart from reducing head-aches, the INSTA-BALL is great for gaining a few extra meters.

GRAVITY BELT – Makes the ground come toward you faster than ever!

MISSILE JAMMER – Replaces the missile guidance program with pictures of kittens… software will only work if the kittens are particularly cute.

TOKEN GIFT – Free final spin token.

FREEZE-O-MATIC – What better way to cool down after a long ride than to be snap frozen in ice. Also good for gaining those precious extra few meters.

X-RAY SPECS – Both fashionable and functional. Great for looking inside things and at things that you are not supposed to see!

GEMOLOGY – Special blingification technique that turns coins into gems!

EZY-DODGE MISSILES – Where have you been all of my life?

MAGNETIC TOKENS – Easy to collect, but prone to wiping nearby electrical devices.

FLYING PIGS – They said it would never happen… turns out FLYING PIGS are more awesome than you imagined!

FREE RIDE – Why Barry never thought to drop into the motor pool to collect a vehicle to start a run before is a mystery!

COIN MAGNET – Like a chick magnet, but doesn’t work on chicks… just coins.

LUCKY LAST – Forged from fortunium, the worlds luckiest element!

Download Jetpack Joyride from iTunes App Store.

Price : Free

Version: 1.3

Size: 19.7 MB


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