Peachy App – If You Are In UK, Just Use Your iPhone To Get Loans

We’d heard that mobile is applicable to do things on the finger tips, ever heard taking a Loan just with the finger tips ? Yes, Its possible now. All thanks to peachy iPhone mobile application.

Peachy is the mobile company doesn’t leave you apart during the emergency also. It offers you a Loan of 500 GBP for a period of as little as 5 days or as long as 5 months.

The all new iPhone mobile support application gives you the ease of choosing the amount you want to borrow and for how long using a smart technological solution-a loan calculator. Fill the amount and the desired time period till when you can repay the loan. Once you fill these two fields, tap on the button ‘Apply Now’ and you will be re-directed to the form fill-up page.

Peachy App

Just by filling up the form with your personal, bank and financial details, you confirm that you will be borrowing an amount from You may get a call from Peachy’s customer service asking for more details about you or your financial background. Once you confirm, your loan will get processed within 15 minutes to one hour, and the amount will be deposited in your bank account. The unique feature about this iPhone application is that you can borrow money from any place in UK and receiving it within an hour, sans any processing-hassle or much of time consuming. This means you can use the money on the same day only.

This all may sound like a dream but Peachy makes it all possible. So, Turn to Peachy and Enjoy.

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