P0sixninja working on Jailbreak Exploits for The New iPad on iOS 5.1

Recently we all know that the famous iOS Hacker , i0n1c aka Stefan Esser already announced that he was successfully able to jailbreak the iPad 2 running iOS 5.1 as he already had an exploit as a hidden trump card which he found in iOS 5.0.1 and which was not patched by Apple in the new iOS 5.1 . He also then demoed the untethered jailbreak on The New iPad in a video he posted by giving  The New iPad several restarts as a proof of untethered jailbreak.

Still there is no news as to whether the jailbreak was a boot-rom or userland exploit and when it will be released. Also there were reports that there are a total of 3 exploits discovered , the other two by the MuscleNerd and Phoenix-Dev. Now the famous iOS hacker behind the Absinthe GreenPoison jailbreak, Joshua Hill aka P0sixninja tweeted that he is now set to find the exploits on The New iPad running  iOS 5.1 .


P0sixninja is the member of the Chronic-Dev team , the one behind the famous jailbreaking software Redsnow , so we sure know that we can expect some good results from him. Also , i0n1c tweeted a few days ago, that whoever manages to jailbreak the The New iPad , will be easily able to jailbreak all the other lower devices , this hints that there is good news coming for the Jailbreak Aspirants soon enough .

One thought on “P0sixninja working on Jailbreak Exploits for The New iPad on iOS 5.1

  1. I think what people are tnyirg to say is that he might be talking a bit too much about it , this news looks to me as old news . I’ve been cracking devices i’ve been finding solutions on my free will and YES we are at some point doing it for the Challenge which is a way of payment . Now , for sure this is FREE and without him , NO UNTETHERED JAILBREAK , but at some point , if it has to be like that all the time , some people might think about getting themselves into the work of creating Jailbreaks without that much marketing (yes i know this is Free) .In the end both of you are right at some point , and the thing is as We are demanders , we can’t complain even if we all could have it before and that it could help a lot of people in many different respective ways .My point of view is , will we have a new video tomorow showing us that his jailbreak is capable of making Calls ? I guess you’ve understood me .Anyway thanks to all people working in that quest whatever is the way they promote it or benefit about it , it’s all the same , in the end .Last question not to be answered : If you’ve had managed to create an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 , A4 proc and older devices , would you be proud about it ? Would you try to do it in a way so you can offer yourself a good restaurant after releasing it ? Jacques Dupont(d)

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