Let’s Look Inside iPod Touch 5th Gen – iFixit Teardown

Apple released it’s New iPod Touch 5th Generation. The new iPod Touch has amazing 4 inch display, Packed with A5 Dual core processor. iPod Touch 5th gen is super slim and lightweight. Apple also adds Facetime HD camera and 5 Megapixel rear camera with flash. The back camera can shoot videos at 1080p. Last but not least, Apple also included the most amazing personal assistant, Siri to the new 5th generation iPod Touch

Apple also included the lightning connector and a Loop (Strap) to hold the new iPod Touch. iPod Touch comes in various colors. As usual iFixit Tears down the new iPod Touch. The sad news is iPod Touch got 3/10, which means it’s hard to repair 🙁

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