iPad Mini Display Will Be 40% Larger Than Existing 7 Inch Tablets

iPad is a magical device from Apple Inc. Apple iPad is a Huge hit. For daily computing like browsing, email, twitter iPad is best you don’t need to sit in from of the computer. You can also easily carry iPad to any place. The new iPad  is packed with Retina Display and Dual core CPU and Quad Core Graphics. I am sure you will fall in love with iPad’s Retina Display. There are lots of Rumors about mini iPad from apple. The size of the iPad many be around 7 inch. 

Here is iPad mini mockup with rumored 7 inch display and the new mini dock.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

This below image shows how the Mini iPad Screen will be 40% larger than the existing 7 inch Tablets.

iPad Mini Size Comparison

Via – Gizmodo

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