iOS 6 Music Player Nice Little Addons

In iOS6 beta 1 Apple didn’t change much of the Music Player but there are some nice little addons.

The first easy thing everyone can notice is the new gradient for the Music Player.

Other minor additions are the rotating chrome reflector which changes according to your phone accelerometer. As we know Apple gives lot of attention to every minute details. One perfect showcase of this is the new chrome button in volume slider of Music Player. It rotates as a real chrome button according to your phone accelerometer values.

In iOS 6 there is also a new EQ preset called “Late Night Mode” and also Apple have introduced some thing called EU volume limit in Volume limit under Music settings. EU volume limit limits the maximum headphone volume to the EU recommended level.

Disclaimer : iOS6 “Beta┬áis strictly meant for developers and we cant assure that these features will be added to the final release. So keep your fingers crossed on these little features.

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