iOS 6 Maps Song By Jonathan Mann

Apple ditched Google maps  and replaced it’s own maps from iOS 6. Seriously, iOS 6 maps sucks a lot.  Apple’s CEO Tim Cool, recently issued an apology to its users and suggested to use 3rd party maps application until they are fixed by Apple.

Here a song form Jonathan Mann’s iOS Maps Song…

G Bb C D
Don’t tell me Steve Jobs wouldn’t have shipped iOS maps
I love the man and I always will but he was not immune to crap
Can we talk about the G4 Cube or the hockey puck
Am Eb D
This is the man that shipped MobileMe, and skeuomorphic leather sucks

Let’s get this out of the way because I want to be really clear
And it makes me sad to say, I’m shedding Apple tears
iOS maps is not as good as google maps, no no
It is a step backwards a direction no one likes to go

D D/Bm D/A G
Apple exercising control over their platform
oh you’re surprised
Making business decisions that negatively effect their users
Stop the presses watch for falling skies

I was there when they got rid of floppy drives
And before that serial connectors
Firewire 400 and then Firewire 800
Do you think that made life better for their users?
In the short term heck no it didn’t
But in the long term, I survived

And I can think of plenty of times
Over the last 5 years
When Google maps let me down
It’s took me straight down dead end streets
I’ve seen misplaced parks and gotten blistered feet
from getting turned around

D D/Bm D/A G
Is Google maps better than iOS maps
Yes, you know it is
Will iOS get you to where you need to go
Most of the time it will oh oh 00

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