How To Make Voice Calls Using FaceTime On iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Steve Jobs introduced FaceTime for iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010, FaceTime (Apple’s Video Calling Feature) really changed the way of communication. You can see your loved one’s face and also what they see. FaceTime became popular in few days, so Apple introduced FaceTime on iPad , iPad Touch and even on Mac Computers.

FaceTime is possible only over WiFi network. Apple announced iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. one of the major iOS 6 feature is “FaceTime over cellular network”. But unfortunately iPhone 4 users cannot perform FaceTime over cellular (we hope apple may bring this feature in upcoming iOS 6 beta or final version of iOS 6)


To Make Voice Calls Using FaceTime follow these simple steps.

Initiate FaceTime call

Once the connection is made, press  home button on your iDevice. You will notice that your home screen will appear. FaceTime call will be active. There will be an option  “TOUCH TO RESUME FACETIME CALL”

For the caller at other end, the video feed will be cut off and it appears as “PAUSED”.Even if both callers cut off their video feeds, the connection will be active and you can continue the call, there will be slight improvement in voice quality.


I think this tip will be really useful for iPhone 4S and iPad (Cellular) users as FaceTime is now supported over Cellular network.

Here is our analysis during our test call over WiFi Network (We used iPhone 4, iOS 6 Beta )

FaceTime with video feed for 1 min – 8 MB Approx. FaceTime without video feed for 1 min – <2MB Approx. Still these figures may vary depeding on network and other factors.

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