How Does The iPhone 5 Improve Upon The iPhone 4S?

Apple’s current version of the iPhone is the iPhone 5 which was released this September by retailers like Dialaphone. This mobile phone provides some significant upgrades from its previous iPhone, the 4S. Many of these enhancements are significant enough that many owners of previous iPhone models have upgraded.

iPhone 5

One of the biggest changes with the iPhone 5 is that it is now capable of supporting speedy 4G networks. Up until the release of the iPhone 5, the only Apple device compatible with 4G networks was the latest version of the iPad. Apple also redesigned the headphones for release with the iPhone 5. The EarPods are specially designed to deliver music straight into your ears which helps to block out extraneous sounds.

The cameras built into the iPhone 5 are much better. At face value, many will notice that the iPhone 5 has the same resolution as the iPhone 4S which is a 8 megapixels. However, the important updates to the camera actually surround the technology which is built around them. The iPhone 5 includes a hybrid IR filter. It also has a mode that works well in low light. The cover of the phone is a sapphire crystal. The iPhone 5 also has iOS 6 which improves the ability of the phone to process images. The front facing phone is also a step up from the 4S. It has a resolution of 1.2 megapixels and is capable of capturing 720p video. All of these aspects make the cameras clearly better with the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 clearly has a much more powerful processor. As a result, tasks can be performed much faster with this latest version than with the 4S. Many wonder what specifically was changed but it seems Apple would rather keep mum about it than divulge their secrets.

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