Extreme Grid Case for iPhone Review


I am a fan of iPhone cases which comes with front and back protection instead of the normal bumper types. My old case was made of plastic and it broke after few drops. So I was looking for a durable and strong case for my iPhone. I think I have found a winner it is the Extreme Grid iPhone Case.

Review :



The Extreme Grid Case for iPhone comes in a plastic package. At the back side of the package it is written that the case contains molecular technology to save iPhone from accidental drops. Inside the package you find the case and the leaflet which details the above mentioned molecular technology.


The case is made up of two layers. First is the strong plastic/rubber shell with numerous cube like holes on the back, sides and edges of the case. The second layer is made up of rubbery cubes which G-Form calls as Reactive Protection Technology materials. The rubber cubes are made up of molecular technology which hardens on impact. The case is very tight and it holds the iPhone very strongly to the second layer. The case is so tight that it even ripped by screen protector on my first try. The feel of the case is very good. The cubes like structures are very soft and the grip it provides is very good. The case comes with cut outs for all the ports, buttons and camera.


I tried few drop tests with the case on as expected nothing happened to the phone . The case comes with protection on the sides and edges of the phones too.


The front part of the case contains a thick flexible part which prevents touchscreen damage. Some may not like this case due to its bulkiness. But if you are planning to get a strong cool looking case for your iPhone 4S this is the one.


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